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BKP at a Glance

Since inception in 1981, BKP has grown to become one of the top 15 FMCG companies in Indonesia. Our portfolio includes personal care items such as soap, skincare and fragrances, as well as food items such as cooking oil and margarine. Among our well-known brands are: Tropical Cooking Oil, Shinzu'i Soap and Personal Care, Zen Antibacterial Soap, Forvita Margarine, and many others.

We pride ourselves as being big enough to make a difference, and agile enough to respond to evolving needs and opportunities in the market, and are committed to the continuous development and growth of beloved, high-affinity household brands.


To be one of the TOP 5 leading fast moving consumer goods companies in Indonesia & simultaneously becoming a blue chip listed company.


To put relentless effort in achieving our vision, and to deliver quality products that are loved by customers and become a part of their walks of life, through our “PRIMA” team.



We launched ZEN Antibacterial protection line

In 2019, we ventured out of the beauty category into the antibacterial soap category with the goal of delivering new and appealing alternatives to an industry which has not seen much change in the past decades. Our antibacterial brand Zen seeks to bring to consumers the benefits of natural antibacterial protection using time-tested quality ingredients.


Priming for success

In 2017, we moved our headquarters to our newly developed Prime Tower, a modern 19-floor building in the heart of North Jakarta.


We opened our Marunda Refinery

In the face of high demand for our products in Jakarta, we opened our third refinery facility in Marunda, Northern Jakarta.


We opened our Gresik Refinery

At our heart a manufacturing company, we continuously expanded and upgraded our manufacturing facilities to support the growing demand for our products. In 2011, we opened our second refinery facility in Gresik, Indonesia. With this in place, we more efficiently supplied goods to the Eastern part of Indonesia and secured 90% coverage of all the markets in Indonesia.


Expanding our line of products

Committed to our vision of creating high quality products beloved by consumers, we rapidly extended our portfolio to include an entire suite personal care products including body wash, lotion, facial wash, scrub, makeup products and most recently, body mist. We also launched Forvita as our flagship brand for margarine.


We launched Shinzu’i Skincare Line

Continuing our quest for growth, we launched our flagship soap product, Shinzu’i, a whitening soap created with a proprietary mix of Japanese active ingredients. Shinzu’i met with break-out success in the marketplace, eventually becoming the household brand so beloved to many. It is now top of mind with “skin whitening soap” in Indonesia.


Pivoting to fast moving consumer goods

At the turn of the millennium, we underwent a major overhaul and change of ownership, moving from a fundamentally supporting company in a larger group to an independent company aggressively manufacturing and marketing consumer products.


We launched Tropical Cooking Oil

Though it was a turbulent time in Indonesia, we believed in our mission to supply consumers with quality products at fair prices. In 1998, we launched Tropical, the first premium cooking oil brand to introduce to consumers in Indonesia double-fractionated cooking oil of not more than Cloud Point 6 degrees. Tropical quickly became grew into a trusted household brand associated with uncompromising quality.


Entering the palm oil industry

Seeing opportunities in the then-infant palm oil industry, we converted our coconut refinery to a palm oil refinery. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, we continued to support the extended corporate group which dealt mainly in commodities.


We entered soap & margarine category

In 1984, We started manufacturing margarine and soap products on a small scale to diversify our portfolio.


Bina Karya Prima’s very first factory in Bekasi started operating.

We initially started manufacturing margarine and soap products in small quantities and in 1986, converted from coconut oil to palm oil processing. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, we continued to support the extended corporate group which dealt mainly in commodities.


We were established to serve you

Bina Karya Prima (BKP) started life in 1982 as a modest coconut oil refinery affiliated to an extended family group.


Accomplishment that we achieved in our years providing only the best products for the community.