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Introducing the people behind the quality of our brands and product who are working hard to make sure we achieve our mission.

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Internal Control Department

The internal control department is in charge of carrying out checks and balances and assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations and processes of various departments in the organisation including finance, accounting, human resources and others.

Utility and Engineering Department

The uttility and engineering is in charge of planning and coordinating all preventive maintenance activities for machinery and equipment, and coordinating technical activities in accordance with production and maintenance plans.

Warehouse Department

The warehouse department is in charge of storing products safely and providing information related to the status and condition of products and materials stored in the warehouse. The scope of work within this department ranging from creating and updating inventory administrations records, ensuring the proper and orderly placement of items in the warehouse, maintaing high service levels and building inbound and outbound goods linkages.

QA & QC Department

Our QC and QA team ensures that our products consistently meet safety standards and comply with national and international regulations. In QA, analysts constantly work to improve product quality and processes through the thorough analysis of data. In QC, members conduct testing of raw and packaging materials, semi-finished and finished goods, as well as inspections of the manufacturing process, based on specific protocols developed for ensuring quality.

Manufacturing Department

The manufacturing department involves thoroughout the flow production of both food and non-food products, including the design and testing of new product processes and the implementation and operation of the production system in order to produce final products to the high standards expected by loyal customers of our brands.

Project Department

The project department is in charge in managing and coordinating implementation of various company or department projects from planning to execution to evaluation, in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of various functions across the company.

Human Capital Asset Department

Talent is the lifeblood of a company. The HCA division is in charged with supporting and developing our most important asset, the people who make up BKP by making strategic steps to maximise the skills and talents of our human resources to carry out our company's mission with vision and effectiveness.

PPIC Department

Our strong PPIC department is a key to the smooth functioning of our manufacturing-based company. In PPIC, the scope of working ranging from being responsible for the planning, scheduling and coordination of series of production processes for maximum efficiency and to meet sales needs.

Sourcing & Logistic Department

In the sourcing department, it gives direct impact on our profitability as a company by sourcing for and negotiating the purchase of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) raw materials. The scope of work within this department ranging from participating in public tenders, ensuring the quality of the purchased goods and the reliability of our vendors, negotiating purchase agreements, and coordinating the delivery of CPO raw materials from vendors' plantations to our production facilities.

MIS & IT Department

This department is a place of tech-savvy individuals who has the ability to grasp complex systems and a dedication to driving business results through technology and IT system or technology-based solutions. In practice, MIS & IT Department is working not only on technical level, but also working on building an integrated system to boost efficiency in all level business process.

Purchasing Department

The purchasing department is responsible for planning raw material and supplies purchases, evaluating suppliers, and negotiating and supervising purchase transations to meet the operational and budget needs of the company. The quality of this department is made of a detail-oriented mindset combined with sensitive respond to the needs and requirements of the organisation in order to achieve the best possible outcome in negotiations and while maintaining the relationship.

Marketing Department

Working in marketing department means exploring opportunities to touch the everyday lives and needs of millions by shaping the development and communications of high quality, innovative and beloved brands and products. Our mission will be to constantly strive to improve our products and communications and initiate exciting new brands and products to capture and shape market needs and opportunities. With the importance of marketing in shaping, understanding and building customer demand,the potential scope of work of a marketer is limitless. A great place for creative thinkers to be relishly working in a dynamic, challenging environment.

Export Commercial Department

Our Export (Commercial) team is charge with developing new markets for our food and non-food products outside Indonesia, through collaboration with overseas distributors and the direction of marketing activities in key overseas markets.

Export Commodity Department

Our Export (Commodity) team is in charge of the sale of our commodity products such as glycerin and soap noodle to industries around the world.

Corporate Secretary Department

The corporate secretary department is in charge in facilitating smooth communications between the company and its stakeholders, including industry and related associations. This department is also responsbile for obtaining relevant permits and ensuring that the company's operations are conducted in accordance with the applicable HSE and other relevant standards.

Change Management Department

As a business, we are constantly evolving our business practices, processes and activities. The change management department is responsible for managing, communicating and coordinating strategic changes to various business units, refining business processes, coordinating work synchronisation and mediating issues related to the implementation of functions and responsibilities.

Finance, Accounting, and Tax Department

The Finance, Accounting and Tax (FACT) department is crucial to our health as a business and the long-term success and sustainability of our business activities. In the FACT department, you will be tasked with managing and allocating funds, controlling and facilitating financial activities and payments, evaluating budgets, preparing financial reports, managing tax reporting, and much more. This is the place for meticulous and detail-oriented individuals who are interested in the financial workings of businesses.

R&D Department

Innovation has always been at the core of BKP's success. In the R&D development, you will be charged with the research and development of new products and formulations, as well as improving the quality and consistency of our products and processes. If you are excited at the thought of a lifetime of learning and the thought of applying scientific knowledge to new technologies and products that will touch the lives of millions, this is the place for you.

Sales Department

Much of our success is owed to our excellent sales and distribution network and personnel. Department of sales is a place of people who is highly motivated, results-oriented, and love interacting with people. Department of Sales is in charge for driving and negotiating product sales, developing channels and markets, and developing a network of trusted and competent distributors.

Distribution Department

The distribution department is in charge with with planning, coordinating and controlling logistics and distribution services to ensure that our products are distributed according to plan in order to meet market demands.
Culture Heading


Being a part of us means believing in PRIMA Community

As our business evolves to meet the challenges of a dynamic world, our core values ground us and guide our everyday decisions and interactions with stakeholders. Here, in Bina Karya Prima, we are PRIMA Community.


We seek to maintain the highest standards of competence, efficiency and professionalism in everything we do. We believe in expertise and experience, with solution-based thinking for the best results.

Relentless Effort

We are committed to the practice of “kaizen”, systematically seeking long-term progress by achieving small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.


We believe that integrity is the core of leadership, thus work with respectable teams. We are honest, transparent and ethical in all our interactions with consumers, employees, vendors and the public.

Marvelous Team

We believe that in cultivating independent thinking, initiative and creativity alongside teamwork and cooperation, we can be fast and agile in adapting to changes in the marketplace.


We respect people who tries hard to achieve and not only speculate. We value drive, initiative and a willingness to learn, and above all, we value employees that think and behave like “owners”.