Are You Sure Vaccines Are Enough? Prepare For This by 2021

5 January 2021

As information is circulating, currently the vaccine has arrived in Indonesia. However, it still needs more processing before the vaccine can be distributed to Mama and family. Therefore, it is important that you and your family stay healthy and adhere to protocols.
It's also important Ma, do preparations and initiatives so that Mama and your family stay safe from the threat of viruses. Remember Ma, don't let your guard down! Because, this virus is still around us, you know. Relax, there's no need to panic, as long as you consistently do these five things. Come on, let's watch Ma!
1. Routinely clean inside and outside the house using disinfectants
 It's not enough to be clean, you know, Mama still has to use disinfectants to clean inside and outside the house. Especially on the surface of objects that are often handled. For example, outdoor fences, door handles, light switches, frequently touched surfaces on cars, motorbikes or bicycles, tables and chairs, electronic devices, toilets, recently received packages, and groceries
2. Try not to travel out of town just Mom, let's just make fun activities at home
Welcoming the new year, usually Mama and family have planned a vacation together. However, this year you have to be patient first. Even though, the price of vacation tickets is currently very cheap, try not to be tempted, Ma. Instead, you can still do fun activities at home, you know. One alternative, Mama could have a barbecue at home. It will definitely be more exciting Ma!

 3. The more observant choose products that contain antiseptics
Since the pandemic, various household products have been competing to make innovations by adding ingredients that can kill germs and viruses, Ma. Even so, you have to be careful in choosing products for your family, Ma. Make sure, the product contains an antiseptic.

One of them is for body hygiene products, Mama can use Zen Body Soap, a premium anti-bacterial soap with natural ingredients from Japanese Red Shiso. The content of Red Shiso Leaf has been known for a long time as a traditional medicine in Japan and is clinically proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses, and effectively kill them. Its antioxidant content is also able to ward off free radicals in the skin. In addition, Shiso Merah leaves are rich in ceramide which can maintain the skin's natural softness.

Apart from using natural ingredients, this anti-bacterial Zen Body Soap is free of parabens and sulfates. You should also know that parabens are preservatives that have a risk of endangering health in the long run. As for sulfate, it is usually used in cleaning and personal care products to create foam, but has a risk of causing irritation to eyes, skin, mouth, and lungs. So, this Zen Body Soap is safe, Ma!
Well, Zen Body Soap is available in 3 variants, you know, Ma, namely Shiso & Sandalwood, Shiso & Sea Salt and Shisho & Sulfur. Each variant also has different benefits, you know. You can choose according to your family's needs.

4. If you and your family want to eat outside the home, choose a restaurant with an outdoor concept
Naturally, Ma, when children and husbands feel bored eating at home. Well, as an alternative, Mama can take them out to eat. But remember Ma, still adhere to applicable health protocols. In addition, pay attention to the restaurant to be visited. Choose a restaurant with an outdoor location, in order to get clean air circulation and minimize exposure to viruses. Oh yeah, Mama also needs to limit visiting times too.

5. Routinely check the health condition of each family member
Don't give it loose Ma, always check the health condition of each family member. Especially children, you can ask them every day how they are in the morning when they wake up and at bedtime. Because sometimes children still can't really feel the symptoms of the disease. This is the role of Mama who must always be proactive in asking children.

Always remember, Ma, don't let your guard down with the five points above. Hopefully in 2021, Mama and your family can consistently maintain health.

This article is sponsored by Bina Karya Prima.