Enthusiastic Aerobic with Garden of Naeem

27 October 2023

Bogor, August 27, 2023 - In order to enhance public awareness, Garden of Naeem brought a special touch to the aerobics event held at Terminal Leuwiliang, Bogor. The event, which lasted throughout the day, successfully enriched the local community's event calendar with a variety of activities. Tens of thousands of residents of Bogor participated in this highly anticipated moment.

The Aerobics and Zumba Competition took center stage at the event and was guided by the local aerobics community. The people of Bogor welcomed the event with high spirits and enthusiasm. They gathered to celebrate health and fitness, as well as to build social relationships in a positive environment.

Garden of Naeem, as one of the newest brands in the personal care product industry, also contributed to the success of this event by opening a special booth. At the booth, they introduced and promoted their various innovative products to the people of Bogor. Through these efforts, Garden of Naeem received positive responses from the local residents and recorded the participation of 5000 people in this event.

Thus, the aerobics event at Terminal Leuwiliang, Bogor has become a valuable moment in promoting a healthy lifestyle and the quality products offered by Garden of Naeem. Garden of Naeem is committed to continue enlivening and participating in various exciting events in the future, so that the community can continue to experience the benefits of our products. Keep following the latest news from Garden of Naeem to stay updated on our upcoming events!