Shinzu’i Glow to School: Introducing Glow Spa to Gen Z!

25 October 2023

Jakarta, 23 September 2023 - Shinzu'i celebrates the successful relaunch of its latest product, the Glow Spa Exfoliating Gel. In the midst of the burgeoning skincare market, Shinzu'i demonstrates ongoing innovation by introducing three distinct variants of the Glow Spa Exfoliating Gel: Ichigo, Cica, and Honey.

With the objective of introducing the new product, Shinzu'i initiated the Glow to School program, designed to facilitate extensive user trials within the Generation Z target market. The inaugural session of the Glow to School program took place at Sekolah Tunas Muda Jakarta on 16 - 23 September 2023, featuring an open booth arrangement for distributing product samples to the student body, particularly focusing on the female students. Notably, the parents of the students also exhibited a keen interest in exploring Shinzu'i's latest offering.

Should the persistent enthusiasm surrounding the Glow to School program endure, it is poised to become a recurring promotional endeavor, strategically designed to heighten prospective consumers' familiarity with the Glow Spa brand. Here's to the resounding success of Glow Spa in the competitive landscape of Indonesia's skincare industry. Glow Spa? #GosokGosokGlow.