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Research and Development

Embodying our core value of relentless improvement, we heavily invest in quality-assurance and development (R&D) activities to develop new products in accordance with market needs, improve the quality and consistency of our existing products and improve our efficiency and manufacturing processes. Innovation has always been at the heart of BKP’s growth, stemming from our conviction that only strong quality-assurance can create products capable of generating real results.

Our Process

Advance Research

We are continuously enriching our scientific knowledge on new technologies, products and active ingredients.

Applied Research

Applied quality-assurance uses our library of scientific knowledge as a base to develop formulation systems which are played out in the different families of products.


The final pillar of development adapts innovative formulas to fit brand identities and consumer expectations.

Typical R&D activities include:

  1. Studies of relevant scientific literature
  2. Analyses of competitor products and activities
  3. Development of working hypotheses and new formulations
  4. Laboratory trials to prove working hypotheses
  5. Chemical and microbiological analysis of products
  6. Dermatological trials to test product safety and efficacy
  7. Panel evaluations of products in development against competitor products
  8. Pre-production trial production on a pilot scale
  9. Production-scale production trials
  10. Stability tests of products in various conditions

Our Research Values

Research that Listens

At BKP, innovation has always been nurtured by a constant dialog between science and marketing. It is founded not only on up to date scientific knowledge of products, technology, formulations and active ingredients, but also on attentive listening to consumers’ needs and preferences and observations of their habits and behavior.

Sustainable and Responsible Innovation

Our R&D team applies the principles of sustainable and responsible innovation on a daily basis, and is particularly vigilant as regards the following four crucial areas:

Human health and product safety

Efficacy and benefits

Environmental impact

Cost and consumers’ purchasing power

Product safety is an absolute priority and the R&D team works closely with our Quality Assurance department to ensure the safety of our products and packaging. In particular, with our deep knowledge of toxicology and ingredients, we are able to make very early and reliable predictions on possible undesirable or beneficial effects of products and ingredients. Finally, with the knowledge that our actions have downstream consequences on our environment and community, our R&D team is continually tasked with seeking more environmentally and socially responsible solutions.