Quality Assurance

We at BKP are committed to producing quality products which customers can trust. To this end, we have invested in a quality management system and a team of qualified professionals to ensure that our products consistently meet safety standards and comply with national and international regulations. Committed to meeting the needs of our users, our products are 100% Halal and we have worked to obtain various quality certifications issued by independent and trusted parties. We further strive to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and to minimize losses due to waste and product failure. For instance, we have adopted a strict NDPE (No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation) policy which we apply strictly to all our own operations and third party suppliers from whom we purchase.

Quality Assurance Activities

Our quality assurance team conducts activities including:

Quality planning

Every stage of the production process is mapped and examined from a quality perspective, from our sourcing of raw materials, auxiliary materials, additives and packaging, to the process of manufacturing and releasing the product to the market.


Implementing and maintaining quality

standards and certifications
We implement and maintain a number of third-party audited certifications for quality assurance.


Provision of technical services,

In response to obstacles in the production process, our quality assurance team provides technical support by analysing data and providing records of the production process. Our quality assurance team also provides guidelines as to the use and storage of our products to ensure the safety and quality of our products after they leave our hands.


Maintaining customer satisfaction

We seek to respond promptly to customer complaints and concerns, investigating problems and continuously improving our processes.


Developing packaging materials

Our quality assurance team develops primary and secondary packaging materials according to production and market needs so that the quality of our products can be guaranteed during the transportation and storage of our goods


Evaluation of inspecting and testing processes

We periodically evaluate and update our testing techniques for the receipt of raw and packaging materials, during production and right up to the delivery of the products, with the goal of ensuring that our testing is adequate, reliable and efficient.


Quality audits

An independent audit team conducts regular audits to ensure that system management is implemented correctly.

Independent Certifications

ISO 22000:2018

Along with our commitment to ensure food safety and the highest food quality, we strive to operate and communicate food safety management system in our organization.

ISO 9001:2015

We aim for a quality management system that demonstrates the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements, and enhance them.


To ensure the standard of our cosmetic products, we continually aim for the safety and quality of production, management and evaluation of our cosmetic products.


We have Halal certifications (HAS 23000) for both food and non-food products at all three of our production facilities to accommodate Moslem groups


To better penetrate the overseas market, we have obtained Kosher certification for PFAD, stearin and glycerine products, and HVO (Hydrtreated Vegetable Oil) certification for PFAD, to accomodate Jewish groups.


International standard certification, which is claimed to prove sustainability and traceability as well as savings from the effect of greenhouse gases, for all types of biomass production (second generation renewable energy)

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