Trans-Fat Free

In forVITA margarine, the side product could of the hydrogenation (trans-fat), that enhance the number of cholesterol & heart diseases, could be reduced by emulsification process it has in the making.

Vitamin A Fortified

ForVITA margarine completed with vitamin A, that is good to develop the performance of our bodily organs, and help on completing the nutrition intake for every member of your family at home.

All-Purpose Margarine

You may use forVITA Margarine for all purposes. Good to use in various types of processed food, starts from stir fry, roasting, baking bread and even cakes.

Forvita Kemasan Sachet

(200 gram)

Through an emulsification process, forVITA is made from quality vegetable oils to become margarine that tastes delicious and free of trans fats. Trans fat is a form of unsaturated fat which is a risk factor for increasing the amount of bad cholesterol and heart disease. With vitamin A fortification, forVITA complements the needs of the family. Available in 200 grams sachet packaging.

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